Tools for Service Design


Strategy by Design has partnered with More Than Metrics to bring to you tools that will allow you to:

  • Make the customer’s experience pleasant by eliminating pain points and creating wow-moments;
  • Iteratively improve employee experience for frictionless workflows and employer branding;
  • Create long-term relations and win new customers by building trust; and
  • Innovate in a customer-centric way by focusing on the customer’s experience across channels and along the customer journey.

Visualize and analyse customer experience by using this web-based software to create professional personas, journey maps and stakeholder maps within minutes.

  • Personas help you create empathy with your customers and visualize them based on their individual characteristics.
  • Journey maps enable you to identify pain points and moments of opportunity across all service channels.
  • Stakeholder maps clarify who is involved in your service and how they connect.

Research customer experience by using this mobile ethnography tool to collect real-time feedback from your customers on their experience with your product, service or brand. Experiencefellow enables you to:

  • Get to know your customers and let them give you feedback on the experiences you create.
  • Collaborate with your team and use qualitative and quantitative tools to analyze
    data in real time.
  • Discover clusters of positive and negative experiences on a geographic map.

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