Service Design and Innovation

As products become increasingly commoditized, services prove to be the arena where there is higher potential to create a competitive edge. Services also empower customers to get the best from products and, in so doing, increase their loyalty to your firm. Service design provides a perspective, method and tool set that enable your organization to:

  • Understand your customers better and build high-value relationship with them, which lead to increased customer satisfaction and improved level of adoption; reduced customer irritation and prevention of costly service failures; and improved service experience for customers and better customer relations.
  • Identify key customer drivers that impact customers’ behaviour and to discover customer-centric means to achieve business objectives, which translate to lower cost of serving existing and new customers; increased customer retention; new sales and upsell opportunities; and the successful launch of product and service innovations into the market.
  • Align itself around customers, through better understanding of customers’ needs and expectations of the organization, so as to achieve internal understanding and alignment; high staff engagement and participation; and higher customer focus, leading to increased market agility.

We will work with you to develop effective service design and innovation strategies for your organizations.